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Microsoft has acquired GD

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10 minutes ago, kokujin said:

why? Why?  What changed?  The $299 price point?

i can no longer help enable sony's shady tactics. also, MS is making major moves. they are playing hardball. right now, we're not seeing the payoff. however, expect big things in 2021 and beyond. 

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1 minute ago, Twinblade said:

On the phone with amazon right now making sure you never receive that copy of 13 Sentinels. I won't just let you get away with this betrayal GD :mjcry:

Ha I canceled it last night, because I got a dude who’s buying my old consoles. I can’t stand keeping old systems around.

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What's that faint echo sound, can you guys hear it? :wonder:

Wait it's getting louder... :|



t..c...h...b...r...                       hey that's...:dame: 








TCHBR :will: 


TCHBR :will:


TCHBR :will:


TCHBR :will:



TCHBR :will2:

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