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What's your teenage jam?

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31 minutes ago, kokujin said:

okay Im gonna post the trashiet shit I enjoyed because I was only ''THIS'' old.








dj shadow :bow: 

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Early Teens - Linkin Park, Eminem 


Mid teens - Pantera, Nirvana, QOTSA, Metallica, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre. Started listening to more electronic shit. I've always liked the prodigy and the chemical brothers. 


When I went to university, it was mainly drum 'n' base, standard dance music, good dose of older 90's eurodance (What is love?). A lot of alcohol and marijuana. 


These days its whatever the fuck I feel like listening too. 

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2 hours ago, Team 2019 said:



Smoking weed, driving cars, fucking bitches.


lmfao all the things you don't do :kaz: :kaz: 


also every music thread is always 90s EURODANCE, just some are disguised with titles like this. go ahead, post tons of 90s eurodance next in this thread. :tom: 

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I listen to alot of radio hits during the mid to late 90's.


So I genuinely did like one-time radio hits like Madonna's Beautiful Stranger for the Austin Powers movie.


I absolutely loved Beck's radio hit:



I have always been a big U2 fan, and I loved the Batman movies, so naturally I loved their music video for Batman Forever:



There's other one-time 90's songs in which I absolutely listened alot to during that time. Matchbox 20's debut album, specifically songs like Kody and Long Day. I liked Madonna's Ray of Light album, especially the main song. Everclear's hit songs like Santa Monica and I Will Buy You a New Life. And I bought Oasis' 1997 album upon release, so I like several songs off of that album.


Fastball's The Way was also a song that directly caught my attention.

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