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New Cyberpunk ‘Rides of the Dark Future’ trailer

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1 hour ago, Delita said:

We need a positive version of the term 'Polish Trash' since Cyberpunk 2077 doesen't fit the bill in any form.


Adrian Weener finally redeemed


Just use this: cwill.png

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7 minutes ago, bhytre said:

Polish trash cwill.png

Gameplay looks awful btw keeping up with Witcher tradition :kaz: 

You were defending it a few weeks ago, using it as ammo against the sheep. So which is it? 

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I don't think I typed this criticism after they showed off gameplay footage at E3, but I specifically felt disappointed by the audio in this part, as the car drives out in boonies over a pothole-filled country road.



Just a couple of minutes earlier, that vehicle sounded great turning on, but the audio here driving over the road sounded flat.


Its only engine audio but not road noise. But this new trailer gives me hope that they had been working on that. Everything in the game is of exceedingly high quality.


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