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Phil Spencer also said that Xbox games coming to Switch on a case-by-case basis doesn't feel sustainable

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Where does that leave the prospect of more Xbox games coming to non-Xbox consoles? Spencer told me that “it doesn’t feel sustainable” to consider Xbox games on a case by case basis for Switch and said, “In order to really support it, I would want a full Xbox ecosystem somewhere. And that probably means things like Live and Game Pass and stuff.”


And we all know that Nintendo wont allow "full Gamepass" on their console... so the only way for it to work is if MS makes a Switch only version of gamepass which utilizes LIVE which only includes MS games and then they offer Nintendo a percentage cut of that.


Doesn't sound like something Nintendo would bother going for.. considering there's not many Xbox games on Switch to begin with.  xCloud would work best for MS... but Nintendo's not about to let's other platform holders run streaming services on their devices with other 3rd party game.

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They said the samething after Ori 1.


and then they released Ori 2 in Switch. 


Yes we all know MS wants to get their services on Switch.... badly. 


I won't be surprised if you see Rare replay on Switch at some point.... or some other Rare IPs. 


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Then Ori 2 ported to switch a month later*


DADDY PHIL :cries:


He's a lying piece of conman shit, everything will be ported if it can. He's running an exclusive-less brand lmao


he's a fucking liar so pay no attention to this conman fegget scumbag


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