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So Death Stranding is awesome...

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Damn I shouldn't have slept on this game I bought into all the criticism from ADD tards. 


I'm loving this game. The terrain is the biggest challenge and yes the first quarter of the game is a lot of traversal but it's fun it's like platforming the way they designed it. And using the bike is like playing trials, lots of fun. 


I'm not too far into the game but I loved.the part that everyone hated so I guess it's gonna be even better from now on. 


Above all it's truly refreshing to play an original open world game that doesn't consist of capturing outposts and killing generals. The trippy sci-fi story aspect is awesome too although I have no idea what's going on yet. 


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Not the best game this gen but found it one of the most memorable.

Just packing up climbing gear and trekking through those snowy mountains trying to figure out a way to the top was :aitch: 


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