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Nintendo 3rd party direct

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Holy shit. So the Switch is playing the NEXT-GEN version of Control, with Ray-Tracing, at a better framerate than any current Xbox version, and with probably better ray-tracing coming from an nVIdia GPU than what is going to be in the XsX version?


AND Nintendo is pulling off a better job of cloud gaming, seemingly out of nowhere, right now than xCloud, which spent over a year in beta and lagged so badly that MS decided to just throw it in as a freebie?

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holy shit, i also tried out the "performance mode" and it clearly turns off ray-tracing.


and it runs at a solid 60fps, and it controls very solid


in fact, when i had it in quality mode, running at 30fps, the analog stick movement was a little too fast, so I slowed it down by about 20% in the menu, and that made it feel good. But when the game is at 60fps mode, the default analog speed works pretty damn good.


This is easily one of the best cloud gaming demo I've tried since I played a demo of The Darkness 2 using an in-browser Gaikai plug-in like way back in 2012.

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8 hours ago, Literal Nazi Rudolf Hess said:

I got in it right away. So impressed I bought the game 

Apparently RE7 (which is already streamed on Switch in Japan will be coming west), along with RE2 Remake, RE3 remake and 8 (Rumored) 






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9 hours ago, Goukosan said:


Not Happening keep holding your breath. 


And Remember when you were so sure Switch wouldn't get monster Hunter games? 


Now we have not one but TWO EXCLUSIVE Monster Hunter games :juggle:

Im playing Octopath Traveler right now on my laptop, you never know. 


No I dont remember, its not very surprising anyway.


Switch is garbage, lmao. It could get four MH games for all I care.

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