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Sony PS5 HDMI 2.1 Bandwidth is Capped at 32Gbps (vs Xbox Series X 40Gbps)

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4 hours ago, jehurey said:

:lawl::lawl::lawl:ghost just got bodied:lawl::lawl::lawl:


no, its held back by simply being behind features that have been on Samsung phones for years.:lawl:


but, from what I hear, the reason why the HDMI 2.1 port does not have functions up and running yet is because the PS5 and its features have not been officially certified by the HDMI forum, and they won't "turn on' the features until it is.

Ps5 is held back behind features that have been in Samsung phones? lol wtf. 

ps5 was rushed out the door and missing half the “next gen” features about it 

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9 hours ago, ghostz life matters said:

Ps5 is held back behind features that have been in Samsung phones? lol wtf. 

LOL, guess you forgot the previous remark.


17 hours ago, Mr. Impossible said:

Dont you praise Apple for capping their phone's power like "everyone else does"?

ps5 isn’t held back by battery technology. 


Talking about Apple phones holding things back.


And I responded, that they hold them back simply because they're years behind implementing features from Samsung phones.:trump:

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