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So is it even possible to buy a PS5 right now?

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I preordered my series X and figured I would pick up the PS5 eventually for Demons Souls but just for shits I tried it on Walmart today and the site crashed during the release time. I'm guessing this thing will be a pariah before December? 


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Oh, and if you have the PS4 God of War disc, then it has version 1.00 on it and that is their picture quality checkerboard 4K mode at an uncapped framerate.


If you reject the immediate patch when installing the game, it allows you to play checkboard 4K at a solid 60fps, because the first patch introduced "performance mode" which took the resolution down to 1080p to have 60fps on the PS4pro., but if you turn off network services, you can stop that from updating and play the best version of God of War.


Not only is that already one of the best looking games, even compared to next-gen launch games, but it totally justifies physical disc ownership at the same time.

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it will be a switch covid 19 situation where the console is out of stock for 6 months



xflop will come back into stock quickly as word of it having no games and exclusives spreads


expect a big drop off for suckiesX whereas PS5 will continue to be the hottest commodity in gaming

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