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Cyberpunk 2077 IGN REVIEW - 4.0

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18 minutes ago, DynamiteCop said:

Kind of a weird situation, because the game on PS5 and Series X is still the PS4 and and Xbox One game but they're rapid departures from that base experience.


So how is that supposed to be accounted for because it's still a current gen build...

They dont


Ideally the BC mode will be complete trash compared to the next gen versions coming later


Hopefully they've ironed out all the crap by then

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gaming journalism is a joke, it's just another proof of it. :reg:    some casual normies ITT too. lol. 



here's a quote from the IGN PC review @The Mother Fucker@The Motherfucker 


"This more freeform structure isn’t without its faults, including loads of distracting bugs, but the strength of the missions themselves – optional or not – and the choice you have within them make Cyberpunk 2077 one of the most exciting, emotional, and just plain fun RPGs I’ve played in recent years.



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