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Xbox just says fuck it and asks the public to make their games for them

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If your idea is out-of-this-world, we'll bring it to life as the official Xbox Space Jam: A New Legacy arcade-style game that will launch in Xbox Game Pass in June. We'll even put your name in the game credits and you could score some of the coolest prizes in the world.


It'd be one thing if this was just some HTML5 game on the movie's website, but your name in the credits and undisclosed "cool" prizes for a game they're paywalling behind Game Pass is pretty shitty.


At least it'll make for a fun story to tell at job interviews when you tell them Microsoft made a game from your idea and you got a Xbox branded backpack instead of a job offer or monetary gain.

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Here's the input I gave them:



The game should look sort of like this image, except not be in monochrome like it's on a Nintendo Gameboy from the early 90s, but be in full vivid color.

I chose this Sports+Shooter because of it's 3 on 3 game is similar to NBA Jam which is an area this game should start from.  

The game's resolution and pixels should be in full HD. Graphically the human characters, Lebron should be a high resolution digitized sprite of his actual self, motion capped, and the Looney Toons would be 2D animated full HD sprites of themselves, that should mesh well together and give the player the perception that they are playing what is very similar to watching the movie.  


The shooter aspect of this image should be dialed back, if no eliminated.  Maybe be a item bonus a defensive or offensive player in the game activates that will power them up, or give them a brief opportunity to mow down their opponent on the court.  Which brings up the next point, is how will the rules of the game be applied, are they NBA rules, or will they be Looney Toons rules which would allow for all sorts of bonuses, items that is normally not in a basket ball game, but this would add to the fun of the game, similar to how Nintendo was able to add blocks and bonus items into a racing game when they made Super Mario Kart.


The focus should be be somewhere in that area as far as gameplay so to keep the game fun for all ages.



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