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In light of their lack of games, I have Christmas gifts for the cows, lemmings, and hermits

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Firstly, for the lemmings: I have given to you the gift of an exclusive game



I know you're farmiliar with this, as you gave it to us last christmas, but this is the better-running, better framerate version. I know how much you want an exclusive to call your own, and while it doesn't look likely that it will happen in 2021, or ever again, feel free to have back your one AAA FauXclusive this gen. RE-GIFTED! :geese: 


Next, cows, you'll be needing this:



As Nintendo has decided that your crown Jewel SRPG franchise, Disgaea 6 will not be receiving an english release on the Pshit4/5, i figured it would be a good time for you to brush up on your Japanese. Hope you can enjoy translating this incredibly deep SRPG... maybe you'll get a shred of enjoyment out of your overpriced, ineligible import copy :rofl: BWHAHAHA!


Lastly, for the Hermits, I debated getting you anything at all since your such sore losers, spoiled sports and conmen in general. But even though you made the naughty list, i've got you something as well:




CrackHead 3 Games For Windows Live code. I know it ain't it Bloodborne PC or Demon's Souls PC like you really wanted, but beggars can't be choosers! :rofl: BWHAHA!


Sheep win again giphy.gif

Merry Christmas! :geese: 

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28 minutes ago, The Mother Fucker said:

Bodycount why did you go sheep and not hermit after leaving the Lemming brigade?


The natural progression would be to dump consoles and go full PC.


dude, he will forever be a dirty lemshite to me, the dirtiest of them even because he's the only faction flip flopper claiming victory for nintendo and sony all the time like a complete faggo. :biggrin:

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