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Which one is the biggest flop of last gen TLOU2 or Cyberpunk?

Biggest Flop of last gen  

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  1. 1. Biggest Flop of last gen

    • TLOU2
    • Cyberpunk 2077

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it's close between those two, but honestly both are such catastrophic failures we can't use the word 'flop', flop just isn't enough. Both games are criminal pieces of trash that actively seek to rip-off and con gamers.


Rotten pieces of junk the two, but TLOU2 takes it--absolutely no redeeming qualities in that title, and the honest truth is that the dishonest gaming media chose to prop it up even after it flopped, due to political bias. They kept that game afloat when it deserved to be panned, was a colossal bomb and completely flopped in gamers reception.


CyberJunk though is a CRIMINAL, Con-job flop. Actively hiding, and paying money to hide the PS4/XBONE version is one of the slimest, filthiest backstabbing Polish trash moves ever seen by this industry. I'll never trust a Pole ever again after this. Thankfully CDDefekt bungled the tranny issues so the gaming media can pounce on them like wildfire, imagine if they actually supported trannies right? This game would be getting 'saved' by the crooked media like TLOU 2.


Both equally as bad, but TLOU 2 got very lucky the gaming media chose to prop it up. CyberJunk didn't fare as well.


both earn my lowest recommendation of 1/10, please don't ever support either studio ever again.

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TLOU2 by far, it's quite possibly the worst form of home entertainment ever made and a disgusting display of modern day propaganda.

All sold copies should be recalled and compensated with a $1000 apology and everything should be dumped in landfills right next to Atari E.T.

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tlou 2 has to be one of the biggest pieces of shit ever made. what a colossal trainwreck it was, completely hated by gamers.


i wonder how much naughty cuck and cuckmann paid to have the media on their side. you can tell the reception to taht rotten piece of shit is completely fake and orchestrated by cuckmann's butt buddies in the media, the initial reception was piss poor and everyone hated it.


that game flopped worse than anything in history. rotten gut-wrenching, stank piece of FLOP TRASH.


fuck tlou2 and anyone ho paid money for it in anyway, you should be ashamed. worst game of 2020 and the gen. Stank shit spunk puke filth trash.


Fuck ND

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