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Just now, Literal Nazi Rudolf Hess said:

The performative dance routine on the window :lul:

at first I thoguht that kid was drugged, then i thought he was dancing and making fun of the screamo guy but i'm not sure anymore lmfao. 

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mandatory lockdown + curfew and no one can leave their house from 8pm-4:59 am here for 1 month.


What a nightmare this province is. 0 personal freedom.


fuck canada honestly, the entire country is retarded and completely overblowing covid. I don't give a shit what's going on, i can leave my house whenever i damn well please.





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no more beer runs at 10:30, can't pass the mcDonalds drive thru at 1 am, can't go for a run at 3 am, can't go to bars, can't sit inside a cafe and have a cup of coffee, can't buy 'leisure' goods at walmart and all 'non-essential' shops are closed.  Looked around for a PSN card, wasn't allowed to buy it. Walmart sectioned off to only allow sales of groceries.


Self-checkout blocked and you have a bunch of employees there just to watch what you buy and make sure you aren't buying anything you're not supposed to.


vaccines being given out first to 95 year olds (One dose at that) who have maybe 2 weeks left to live.


kids under 12 free to run around the store without a mask... yet they're the ones who spread this shit.


Honestly, to hell with anyone who supports this shit. Stand up for your personal freedom.


COVID HOAX needs to be stopped. if you're so scared stay home, but leave the rest of us the fuck alone. I get wearing a mask and washing your hands but if you're too retarded to do that, you're on your own.

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2 hours ago, Twinblade said:

@Bodycount N.S you’re getting into politics territory which isn’t allowed on the main forum. Also, the video in the OP has nothing to do with covid, you do know that right? It was originally uploaded a decade ago.


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