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9 hours ago, kokujin said:

I got stuck with the polish version of this trash. and I actually don't want to play it. And I can't fucking return it.  fucking bs. 

damn, bruh, that sucks :deader:

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I'll have to rebuy the game. I filled out the return site when I got the Deliman bug and thought I wouldn't be able to progress but after I figured out a work around I was happy with the game. 


Signed in the other day it was gone and they finally refunded me. The game is off the site and can't find it in stores at the moment. Looks like my save files are still there so hopefully won't have to start again from scratch. 

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I can't believe some of you refunded the game.  What's wrong, if you were that committed to buy it you should be committed to holding on to the L of a game that it is.

I highly doubt this game will ever be improved upon from its current state with a dull story plot with terrible replay value compare the game's better contemporaries.

But it's some people's best game of all time.   :D   

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23 minutes ago, kazpunk said:

spicoli bought the game on release and isn't playing the game because it keeps crashing on his xbox :kaz:  imagine that shit, why even buy it on release?


he's also hoping and waiting for updates ahahaha :kaz: @Spicalicious

you've been the biggest purveyor of this rotten piece of trash on this forum, your opinion/taste/word is suspect from here on out.


take the L

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