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Razer reveals Smart Mask equipped with many features including RGB lighting

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i'd like it if someone just makes a nice plastic mask that shows your mouth. So if the edges are soft and grab onto your face, the middle part can be a harder material that doesn't bend inwards whenever you inhale. That would be my only complaint about wearing a basic mask, is the inhaling part sucking in the mask.


and having a cool modern on top of that is a plus. I take it you could remove the electrical parts and then just stick the mask in a dishwasher to clean it, or you can simply spray and wipe it down.

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40 minutes ago, nitric said:

Show me a doctor that goes into an ICU COVID unit with just a single mask. Because that's the comparison you're making right?

His point is that mask don't work. Also lizard people from Mars are making up covid stats so people will wear mask to make it easier for illegal MS-13 gang members to traffic children to pizza huts across the country to be turned into sex slaves then chopped into pizza toppings. 


DC is the guy I would take my health advice from. 



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