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Super Seducer 3, the Pick up Artist dating sim appears to be the latest victim of cancel culture *UPDATE: Censored by Steam

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Nobody cares

Only twinkie would be worried about this game being cancelled.

twinb thinking aza lives a good life because some russian women look good lmfao   you can't make this up, these women end up dead in his basement   twinb you fucking psycho

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Hi Everyone,


Not much of an update. As you might know the uncensored build of SS3 was rejected. We resubmitted the censored build. This is basically what you might have seen on Twitch and YouTube with a few extra things removed.

This second review has now gone to the second stage and I know this only because the message changed to: "Your build/store page requires further review and will take some additional time beyond the normal 2-3 business days".

If they did happen to approve today, we'd launch on Monday. Basically as soon as they approve it (if they approve it) we'll launch within 24 hours.


So far we have not been given any specific guidance aside from confirming that it is the "real people" issue. I've said that we can do whatever Steam request, for example proving that all actors are 18+, or removing some more potentially sensitive red options.


I am being reasonable and polite in my messages with Steam. We don't have an account manager, just a ticket system similar to one that users use on Steam. I think we are 100% at their mercy so I can't really talk about unfair censorship or make any threats. If Steam want to tell me explicitly what we need to do but do not want me to make that public, I'll also do that.


In this case, we were really not trying to stir up scandal or do anything that pushed boundaries.


Just to answer a common question: Epic and GOG have denied us already. So any other release plan would be close to pointless. We have spent 2 1/2 years getting wishlists on Steam, so to lose all that and then try to get people to buy on a small store (or our own site), it's a massive loss. We would only look at other possible plans as a distant Plan B if all else fails with Steam. I also wrote to Gabe Newell but didn't hear back.


I'm very grateful to you guys for your support. The situation is pretty surreal and hard to make sense of, so it's much easier to get through knowing that you guys support us and are on our side!






Damn I feel sorry for the guy. But lol at personally writing to Gabe Newell, theres no way he would have gotten any response from him.

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gaben only responds with one liners when you mail him about your rampage kill in dota 2. not even a joke.






he even made a announcer sound pack for dota 2 where he says to email him about your kills, I have it and it owns :D 


he also says shit like "more than 2 kills but less than 4 kills" when you make a triple kill :tom:   


literally GOD :bow:  I don't think he cares about your shitty seducer game, I'm sorry. 

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25 minutes ago, Twinblade said:

So the developer seems confident that Steam is going to approve it soon but he also mentioned that he hired a lawyer to help him with legality stuff which doesn't seem like a good sign


also, here are actual nudes on steam that are apparently allowed for some reason  (NSFW)


Steam Community :: Tender Loving Care


Shocker... it was all marketing just like I said.... lol

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