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Japanese Cooking Thread

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Hello 🖐️


I decided to use my local Japanese Grocery Store a lot more, including cooking more japanese style dishes. 

The best japanese recipes are at Just One Cookbook https://www.justonecookbook.com/


Let me know if you find other recipes at other sites. 


I cooked the site's recipe for Gyoudon




And Curry Udon




The protein in the Beef Gyoudon (gyou means beef) is thinly sliced beef. But the Protein in the Curry Udon is Pork Loin. The Pork Loin was really good for the recipe. For the soup base, I put 4 dehydrated shiitake mushrooms in water and soaked them for 20 minutes, squeezed the juice out of them, and used the rehydrated mushrooms in the soup. It was especially good. Not sure if its usual to put mushrooms in udon. 


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