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Ninja Gaiden Master Collection (Switch/PS4/Xbone/PeeC)

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honestly sigma 1 is just as good as black, the increased visuals were nice. it was just bait to use against cows because lems were butthurt the game got ported. sigma 1 was still in the top 3 PS3 games ever with Demon's souls and MGS4


Sigma 2 though was hit and miss. some extra sections with rachel but no blood and the gore was toned down from the 360 version. it ran a little bit better from what i remember.


i skipped 3 after all the hate so i have no opinion of it.

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1 hour ago, Twinblade said:

Lmao, revealed on switch even though that will be the worst version.

These are old games. It's not going to be any better on PS4 or xboner

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2 hours ago, bhytre said:

Nice collection you'd think but they're Sigma ports :puke:

Hayashit collection 💩


HayaBUUSa HayaBUUSSAH oi oi  :sisco:  :party: :fiesta: :woo::datass:



I mean 1 was cool. 
We all actually enjoyed 'hard games.'  It was a phen first off pulling off the 110 hit damage combo *(or was it just 30-40  :rofl:) with the nunchucks. 


However by the time 2 came out and hype died, I only put like 4-5 hrs in it. More of same. I thought NG1 was cool and a legit sneak into AAA gayming. :mic:


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7 minutes ago, Mr. Impossible said:

Lol fgt doesn't even address his pathological lying. You made a thread last year about wanting to buy a used PS4 off another crack head for like a $100 or something. 


Why are you trying to act like a big baller all of a sudden? Lol only two types of people keep selling/buying/having the same shit stolen multiple times. Crackheads, or acquaintances of crackheads. 


the only one who's ever insulted people over the most pennniest of petty shit is you dirtscratch. Are you too chimp to get the point?



couldn't afford an xbox as well to play Ninja Gaiden?  :kaz:


you made a wifi joke the other day. bitch ****** why don't you suck my teeth and pay my bills if you're that worried I where my $10 and $15 goes. 

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1 minute ago, -GD-X said:

@Mr. Impossible @kokujin guys, keep your feud for the chabox. this is like the 5th or 6th derailed thread i've seen. thnx

all right. We'll leave it at Socrates claims if you get your shit stolen accross years of life, you must be addicted to crack.







you can play bball with that reach linka. 

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