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Daft Punk calls it quits

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Was always one of those artists where I needed to take the time and just start from the beginning and listen through a whole album to fully get into them. But I never did.


I also remember the vinyl fanboy snobs always going fucking crazy whenever Alive 1997 + 2007 boxset is on sale for any amount. Shit, I bet their vinyls are going to go up in price for the forseeable future.

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11 minutes ago, Mr. Impossible said:

Their stuff is dance and their collab stuff is always amazing. Alive is one of the best albums I've ever head. They're phenomenal live. 

eh, it was good. however, it felt like it took too many elements from better, more original acts (kraftwerk/giorgio moroder/cerrone). also, their last album sucked ass, also rendered useless by the superior artist kavinsky.  

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