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Days Gone coming to PC

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LOL the two lemming losers are taking over for Lemij's port-begging.


Nobody from sony's side ever said "a slate of games". That was the person writing the article.:drake:


Enjoy Days Gone, maybe at this rate, you might get Bloodborne by 2028. LOL

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26 minutes ago, Twinblade said:

Its one of Sony's weaker exclusives so its hardly a big loss.

Not only that, within the past day I had read on neogaf that the lead developers behind Days Gone had departed the studio.


Sony Bend still exist, but chances are that IP is no longer going to continue. Its a one and done.


So they dump it on the PC.

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30 minutes ago, JonB said:

Horizon , MLB , Days gone .....I mean when will the cows and the sheep that suck them off get what's happening ? 


Slobhurey still brining up remij too lmao

LOL, I'm not bringing him up..............you're practically impersonating him.:kaz:

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24 minutes ago, JonbX said:

You, literally brought him up. 

No, I literally described what you did.


You brought him up by straight-up impersonating him.


Maybe its more than an "impersonation".:patrice:

Edited by jehurey
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2 minutes ago, JonbX said:

You...literally spoke his name and continue to do so LOL

No, you impersonated him.


Which happened first.


I love how you're now exclusively talking about me in this thread.


As if you couldn't make it any more obvious.:drake:

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