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Tegra X1 will be out of production this year

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There's probably going to be a shortage of Switch Pro, not because of demand, but because it will also be affected by manufacturing shortage.


If they are using a new nVidia architecture, anything that is being manufacturing on a 8nm or smaller semiconductor process is being seriously hampered right now. nVidia is already using Samsung's 8nm process to make the 3000 GPU series chips, and they cannot provide enough supply of those, as is.


The Tegra X1 was probably being made on 14-16nm.  They are probably shutting down the entire line so that they can convert it to a more-modern fab process.

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40 minutes ago, -GD-X said:

getting this day 1. i'll give my OG switch to my nieces.  

Yeah my cousin wants to buy mine as soon as I upgrade 

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