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Friendly reminder that EA sucks.

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So I am playing Star Wars Squadrons and I know the game released rife with bugs. Guess what?  It's still fucking loaded with bugs.  I have yet to play a mission that won't complete, or ships bouncing up and down, sound glitches, missing textures, people talking without voices.  What a shit game.  I feel sorry for those who have paid for it.  Fuck EA.  

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4 hours ago, Cooke said:

That's what he's playing it on


lol, spico is just here to damage control. He was still downloading the game when he posted it in advance. :kaz:  pathetic....

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On 2021-03-20 at 7:32 AM, Spicalicious said:

No problem on Series X.

I am playing on Series X and it's a glitchy mess.  Missions won't complete forcing me to reload a checkpoint, voices cut out often, and sometimes it looks like everything in the distance is jumping.  All these issues were present when the game first released and EA obviously never adressed  them.  

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On 2021-03-21 at 11:58 AM, Goukosan said:

Self owned 🤣😂

Must be something wrong with his series X?  So these "problems" are only evident on Xbox?  I haven't had any problems on my Series X.  Why are you idiots bitching on Xbox if this is an EA problem?

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6 hours ago, Spicalicious said:

then must be a problem with his specific series x console.  maybe he spilled coffee on it? idk bro

Nothing wrong with my Series X.  It's literally the same bugs the game has always had.  That's why I never bought it.  Also I am sophisticated and drink tea., Coffee is for peasants.  

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