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Just copped it  $350 for a pair is super cheap. If I were to buy a pair of regular 40s, 45s, and 50s I would be basically paying almost as much given how expensive they are nowadays

I need to get back to the gym   i got in much better shape last year when I was off work doing a 12 week challenge. Now I’m turning into TJ 

@-GD-X So the 552s are in stock at amazon and apparently its $350 for a PAIR of them? That seems like a damn good deal   Amazon.com : Bowflex SelectTech 552 Version 2 | Two Adjustable Medium

38 minutes ago, Twinblade said:

Yeah idk. I tried 30s and it is slightly quieter but I can still feel rattling vibrations as the parts move against each other. It’s the same for both units. Maybe this is a flaw of the cheaper version, vs the more expensive one you have. I did just search Amazon reviews/Q and A and some people are reporting this happening to them as well. 

I’m going to test them in a workout tomorrow and see if they end up being problematic. 


I used to own the 552s. I wouldn’t worry. Also, since they are new, they haven’t been broken in yet.

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I did a workout with the 552s. So the rattling/clanking actually didn't bother me and wasn't even noticeable in many of the moves I performed.


They actually work pretty well and I only have some small gripes


- Because of their size its harder to do moves where the dumbbells' are close to each other. I ended up hitting them together a few times which has me concerned that long term their reliability might be an issue.

- The manual states that you can't lean on them or use them to support your body weight as that can damage the plates. Since I do renegade rows occasionally, ill have to modify that move or find an alternative

- Since many of the workouts I do are based around hypertrophy training, the 'breaks' I have to take when setting my desired weight could be having an effect on my overall gainz. A minor issue im sure as its literally just a few seconds of difference compared to just grabbing a regular dumbbell off the rack, but still worth mentioning.

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@Twinblade they are pretty durable. Some light banging is fine (obviously, don’t drop them on a regular basis). Yeah, you’ll have to adjust certain moves, due to their size, but everything will feel natural in a few weeks. Renegade rows are a no go, but there are plenty of alternatives. As for hypertrophy, a few extra seconds won’t affect your gains. Hell, you get hypertrophy, even without drop sets.

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