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How many times are they going to rerelase last of us 1

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The first one is fine how it is.  I understand maybe wanting 1 and 2 to be on the same fidelity visually and some of the gameplay tweaks to be retroactively brought back to the first one to help make it seem like one huge seamless thing... but the problem is that they've apparently already outlined the story for a potential TLOU3... If they do that, it would be PS5 exclusive... and then you'd just have the same problem of 1 and 2 being outdated compared to 3 and then they'd want to remake them again up to the standard of the 3rd one lmfao.


It's just not justifiable now that PS5 is backwards compatible with PS4 games.  Updates to a game to bring it to a new resolution or framerate is one thing... but dedicating an entire team to essentially remake the game in the newer engine is just a waste.  With games at the kind of visual fidelity that is expected of a studio like Naughty Dog... you don't have them wasting years of their lives on remaking old shit again and again.  Sony apparently really wanted to do it though, and Naughty Dog probably didn't want any outside studio being in control of a game that represents their studio to the core... so they wanted full control.


It's one thing to have multiple teams... but they ALREADY have multiple teams from all over Sony contributing to development at any given time.  They need all the support they can get just to release games every 4-5 years.  Hopefully in the future AI and Machine learning will take a lot of the time consuming labor out of it, and they will be able to create things in much higher fidelity all while producing it quicker.. but we're not quite there yet.


They need to just move on.

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They should work on more prequels involving Joel.


First of all, the first game takes place 20 years after the event.


Joel is a smuggler, so he had to naturally get into that business with the woman he was with at the time.


Joel had some sort of falling out with his brother, and went their separate ways. They could show how that happened.


Also, I'm pretty sure when the event happened and his daughter died, everything was going to shit really bad back then. That would probably be the most action-packed game in which you could play Joel and his brother. And Joel would probably have been killing both infected and army soldiers because he blames them for his daughters death and he would be enraged.


So, if they are somehow remaking material, they should add more DLC episodes like Left Behind. Hell, there should be a full game devoted to the event in 2013.

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