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Xbox One was a mistake (RE8)

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BOTH PS4 and Xbox One render at  900p... and yet look at the image quality difference.


They must be using a different upsampling technique on Xbox One apart from the other consoles... because the results it produces are far and away worse.


Goes to show you how resolution wont mean much any more and rather the method of upsampling/reconstruction will be far more important to image quality.

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1 minute ago, jehurey said:

are the last-gen versions getting physical disc releases?


if they're only digital, maybe they just didn't give a shit about the texture quality to save space.

Yea, as far as I know they are.


I think it just has something to do with how they upscale on the One S specifically.  Maybe a bandwidth limitation or something.  The other Xbox versions are fine.. it's just the XO that suffers.


Maybe it's a bug or something... or the system just can't do what they're asking of it.

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Just now, -GD-X said:

hmm....maybe in 2 or 3 years, if they quit making these damn remakes. 

Yea I dunno.. could be even longer :meh: 


I'm interested in that REV3 or Outbreak whatever game that's supposedly coming to Switch and then everything else.  Hopefully we see a glimpse of that this year at some point.

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