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Official SummerGameFest thread

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2 minutes ago, Twinblade said:


Honestly im going fucking crazy right now because i've been refreshing best buy's site since 9am this morning waiting for the 3070Tis to become available :| 


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this is boring af.  why is this cunt singing? 

Geoff always has to have his retarded music integration     Yay Weezer singing a new song  

it was like some karaoke quality garbo lol. 

This has been terrible so far.


The best thing shown so far is Metal Slug Tactics :D 


Without Elden Ring this would have been the worst show in the history of Video Games :tom: 

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Is it just me or does every mature themed game with guns and cars use the same fucking dubstep sound effect heavy time music? It's annoying as fuck. 

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1 minute ago, Twinblade said:


Or maybe they're just not gonna bother showing Elden gameplay design Ring :mjpls:

You shut your whore mouth! :sam:

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I will say though, that it does look like another Souls game.  It doesn't seem to really be doing anything differently except now the world is bigger and you have a horse.



But that's A-fucking-OK with me :blessed: 

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