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What does Microsoft 'Need' at E3?

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Just now, jehurey said:

No, people are quite disappointed with Doom Eternal, just recently I've seen neogaf threads of people trying it for their first-time and they're shocked how that new gameplay gets old quick, and then its flooded with other people who already played the game confirm that the way they forced the gameplay is a real step down from the 2016 game.


And Elder Scrolls is getting dated.............you're wishing that bethesda is still going to capture what they had in 2011, 10 years ago. (and Elder Scrolls 6 isn't coming out anytime soon, so it will be 12 or 13 or even 14 years since Skyrim)


We already have open-world IPs that are scratching that Elder Scrolls itch. Valheim for example.


And this is assuming that Sony doesn't expand their portfolio even more.


Elder Scrolls is not doing anything special anymore. In fact, if CDPR wasn't making Cyberpunk 2077 and they went from Witcher 3 in 2015 to a Witcher 4 in 2020, they would've smoked the shit out of Bethesda by now.


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Just now, Remij said:


yeah i know.......you don't have a response.


I came here to actually discuss.......and you came in here with butthurt on the mind.


Which I do recommended taking a nap, it helps solve that.

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They need some new IP to look mind blowing.
They need Halo to look significantly better.

They need to get multiple MAJOR third party game/s day 1 on GP and I don't mean like BF cause that will be there anyway eventually with EA Play. 

But mostly they need games with dates that aren't years away. Some plan, some semblance of a release structure. 

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