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Official Xbox and Bethesda E3 presentation thread

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12 minutes ago, MalaXmaS said:

Series SX released November 10th.

MS Flight Simulator is coming July 27th and FH5 is coming November 9th. 

That's exactly within a year for FH5 and much less for Juy 27th.

Yes, Halo Infinite got delayed but so did Sony exclusives and even worse, now coming to PS4 (according to their we believe in generations logic).


And besides, don't come to me talking shit about having 2 games in a year and calling it bleak, especially during its first year when you sheep are used to Nintendo giving you the middle finger and leaving you replaying Mario Odyssey for a whole fucking year.


Flight sim is not a new game its a port Fri two years ago. 


Since you want to bring up Switch launch year.... Switch had


BOTW (cross gen like Halo) 


Splatoon 2


Xenoblade 2

Mario Battle Kingdom


all within 8 months of launch.


That's 3X as much as series X will have had in 12 months 🤣😂


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Alright lets put the biases aside and admit that this has been a pretty good conference so far 

One thing no one is talking about, isn't the Series X supposed to have a big graphical advantage over the PS5?   Did they forget to tell there developers?   

Look how bad the xbox fanboys are taking it.   They are considering a piece of scuff on a dashboard as a sign..         it doesn't even remotely li

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3 minutes ago, MalaXmaS said:

"Bu bu Forza Horizon 5 has no ray tracing and looks like Forza Horizon 3"- Jerry.

it clearly doesn't have ray-tracing on the environments, notice that I was talking about the rivers.



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1 hour ago, MalaXmaS said:

Flight Simulator coming July 27.

Forza Horizon 5 coming November 9.

Wtf you mean 2021 is bleak.

MS shows you new games.

Cowfags: Yikes, no games.

Sony gives you remasters, yay new games!


stacked :dame:

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1 hour ago, jehurey said:

To your point.


Look at this................Xbox marketing actually thought it was impressive to post this




The first two rows of games looks like what you would get if you subscribed to the Humble Monthly Bundle for about 3 months.


They simply do not have any AAA quality games besides Forza and Halo's single-player campaign.


At this point, we may actually be seeing the multiplayer content deviate in level of quality from its single-player.


halo the only one in the bottom row without a specific release date, and has the absolute latest possible window of holiday (instead of fall). still coming in hot? :hest:

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1 minute ago, lynux3 said:

I didn’t watch it, but was there anything worth a shit? No Forza Motorsport?

They skipped Forza, because apparently that's not even close to being done. And went with FH5 Mexico.


They didn't even show Halo single player gameplay, they just showed a cutscene of Master Chief talking to a Cortana-like computer in a lone dark room.


And Stalker 2 had a nice trailer, but rather limited gameplay. Just a handful of one-on-one confrontations.


And the rest? :francis:

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3 minutes ago, lynux3 said:

I didn’t watch it, but was there anything worth a shit? No Forza Motorsport?

FH5 looked pretty. Halo looks the same. Starfield was a non-trailer will drop 11/11/22 and confirmed as Xbox exclusive. Best game of the conference was Replaced. 


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On the day of Microsoft's E3 Press Conference Sony and Playstation are still trending higher than them on Twitter  :kaz:.



No Starfield, no Halo campaign, no Avowed, no Hellblade 2, etc. It was snoozefest for me. Thank goodness Turn 10 came to save the day with Forza Horizon 5 or it would have been a shitshow.  MS needs to cut down on the bullshit CGI and show gameplay. We bought these powerful consoles and PC graphics cards for a reason and it's not to drool at CGI, we aren't in fucking 2003 anymore.


Overall I would grade the show a C-. Would have been a sold B+ or A if they had shown more gameplay of their AAA projects instead of stupid CGI and prerendered crap. 


I like how Sony actually fucking gets it and doesn't waste our time with CGI, pretty much all their major games have debuted with realtime graphics/gameplay this gen. If Sony does another show at the end of this month like they are rumored to do they will absolutely dogwalk MS, especially if they have God of War Ragnarok and a few other surprises to show.



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