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This is probably a bit late after the SteamOS hype but I've been using Pop os for a few weeks now since the latest update 21.04 and it's a lot of fun. Allow me to explain...


After one final shit update too many I decided to do what I should have done a long time ago, I got rid of the malware on my PC.....and by that I mean Winblows 10 :reg: hands down the worst, shittiest, most piece of crap operating system I've ever used. Like everyone I felt like I was there by force and not by choice. Of course something so shit could only come from Microsoft, of course it had to be one of their products.


So I yanked it out and decided to give Pop os a try and see what the hype was about as it's gaining a reputation as being one of the best os for gaming.


The desktop is highly customizable but here are some examples of what generally looks like.





The install takes just a couple of minutes unlike the 30 minute slog that is the Winblows install.  The OS itself just feels snappier, faster and more responsive than windows ever could. This is true of most/all linux distros though it's not exclusive to pop.  It doesn't feel bloated and fat like the landwhale that is windows 10.


The game compatibility impressed me the most. I was initially worried about losing some games but Proton is like witchcraft, the sheer number of games that work is astonishing and I'm lucky in that most of the games that don't work (which is normally due to anti-cheat or invasive drm) weren't games that I cared about anyway.


A lot of games are natively supported on Linux. Indie games especially. Luckily for me the Civ games were too and I still go back to play Civ 5 a hell of a lot. The funny part about this is I used to play CIv 5 on windows 10 on max settings DX12? on my old 970, then my PC broke. I got a new one with an AMD card and for some reason the latest Direct X version was locked out and I had to use the previous version, this locked me out of being able to use max settings as some features were disabled or locked to medium. Better GPU but locked out of max settings :|  After installing LInux I installed Civ 5 with the same AMD card, except now there's no direct X it's opengl or vulkan and once again I can now access max settings :glad: so same card but one OS locks me out of max settings and the other lets me use it. Basically it's just more shitty proprietary Microsoft bullshit. That company is like cancer.


I decided to try Proton out and I was expecting some issues. I was playing the Ninja Gaiden HD collection before the switchover and they aren't officially supported so I was expecting bugs but it was just click and play. No bugs, no issues, and best of all it carried over all my cloud saves <3 steam.




I've tried a number of other games and the majority work out of the box. Some take a little bit of tinkering but these games required tinkering on windows 10 anyway. Firepro for example worked out of the box, EDF, but Batman AA required a bit of tinkering but then the steam forums are full of people saying it doesn't run on windows 10. This is a pattern that generally seems to hold true for the most part - if it works fine on modern windows it will likely work fine on Linux (outside of anti-cheat or invasive DRM), if it required some tinkering on windows or compatibility for old windows then it will likely need some tinkering on Linux too. Normally it's just copy & pasting a line of code from protondb.com to the games launch options in steam. Or sometimes winetricks or custom proton builds but they're all easy to use once you learn how to use it.


Another thing I ike is the emulation support. I normally don't bother but the Pop shop (the official repositories, it's all free) is full of the latest emulator builds which tend to run great out of the box. I didn't know it was so easy to rip PS2 games to a HDD :D so I found some cd burner software on the pop shop and I've dusted off my PS2 collection and starting making digital copies of a number of games. They all look and run great with no messing about. The only thing you'll need is the PS2 bios as that isn't included for copywright issues.





Finally there's the general benefits that arise from leaving windows i.e. you control your system, not Microsoft. Also no spying, far more stable and best of all no shitty rushed piss poorly made updates.


What I like about Pop is everything is there for you. They include the driver choice in the downloads and the repositories have pretty much everything you would want for a gaming system. I wasn't a fan of the gnome desktop environment previously but on a dedicated gaming rig I think Cosmic works really well.


Finally I'm done with winblows. Goodbye cancer os from a shit corporation with no incentive to make anything worth a damn because they have a monopoly while they desperately try to imitate Android because that's all microsoft does - copies the leader. No originally and no inspiration. I can say that on all my personal devices I am 100% Microsoft free. No winblows, no flop and I most certainly don't use any of their craptastic software.


Any of you who hate Microsoft as much as I do and want to try something else for your gaming rig give it a try - https://pop.system76.com/



disclaimer: the pictures in this post are not my own, I'm far too lazy to be doing that.


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8 minutes ago, Remij said:

LMFAO in what world does Window 10 take 30min to install? :drake: 


Shit installs in less than 5m for me. :pavarotti:

It spins and spins and its "gettings things ready for you" and all that jazz.


It's like 5x what a linux distro takes, and that feeling carries on throughout every day use of the machine. Winblows doesn't do things, it always needs to do background things. Like on linux you update and its done, on windows you got to have the 5-30 minute shutdown with the blue screen telling you it's updating.


windblows is just poorly made because MS don't give a shit anymore they're all about services and ads now.


We need a new faction, the Penguins so that us real hermits don't have to share space with xflop half-breeds like yourself

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The emulation bit sounds interesting, but anyone serious about playing the latest Triple A games on PC absolutely needs Windows.


Linux is definitely pretty cool though based on my limited experience. I took a hacking course and had to use Kali Linux for a bit, and some parts of it felt a bit more intuitive and snappier than Windows.

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Just now, Twinblade said:

The emulation bit sounds interesting, but anyone serious about playing the latest Triple A games on PC absolutely needs Windows.

Depends what you define as the latest triple A games. Most of the biggest games from the past gen work on there.

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Linux good. Fedora 34 is a very good Linux Desktop with some brand new tech inside.


Since SteamOS 3 is switching from Debian to Arch, I thought I'd give that a shot on my gaming PC.

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Winblows :mj: 20 year old POS kernel and they’re no doubt carrying it over to Winblows 11. I left winblows as a main in the dust years and years ago. Welcome to a real OS. :juggle:

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17 hours ago, lynux3 said:

Winblows :mj: 20 year old POS kernel and they’re no doubt carrying it over to Winblows 11. I left winblows as a main in the dust years and years ago. Welcome to a real OS. :juggle:

All these years and I never put 2 & 2 together with your username :tard:

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