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MS family (PC/Series S/X) gets a hidden gem (Death's Door - 9 at IGN; 8 at GS)

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8 minutes ago, Twinblade said:


yeah. BTW not really related but I have to say the Series X controller is very good. The clickiness of the dpad feels great and its also more comfortable to hold for longer periods of time (probably due to the bumpy grips).

Yeah, I love the series x controller a lot. 

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if this was on switch, y'all would be deepthroating it lol. MS got the win here. the game looks fun. i mean...the best game on switch last year was hades, which could pass for a phone game, as well, a

I'm playing it right now. Very solid game so far, the pacing is incredible, the game never waste your time. The first two bosses and first dungeon happens during the first 30 minutes. The level design

Well it's not as crazy as Hades. Haha I don't want to send the wrong impression, it's way slower, it's pretty simple so far but I have yet to get new upgrades so we'll see.   But the dungeon

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