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How do you deal with rude people in public?

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I was on vacation at a lake and there was a guy who threw his stupid ball at everyone :D  some woman complained, nothing happened, then he hit a kid and drama ensued. 


man,  i didn't give a shit but would punching him go too far? nobody did :D 

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About 10 years ago there was a cop at T-Mobile throwing a fit because from what I could gather his wife found out about the affair he was having.  He apparently purchased the phone at T-Mobile.  Well anyway he threw a huge Karen level fit and at one point threatening the associates with arrest.  I literally lost it and laughed out loud.  He then turned his attention to me and asked me what I thought was funny and I said you because you are stupid.  Everyone in thebstore started laughing and that embarrassed him.  He then tracked me down at my job an hour later and started in on me there.   Oh he went to the wrong place because I was literally helping my friend who just happened to be the Police Chief's son.  Obviously he was fired and it was a big deal around here

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50 minutes ago, Team 2019 said:

Usually I'm the one that s being rude. 


You cannot be rude to corpses.

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If I received that fucking ball intentionally I would have probably kicked his ass right there and then. At least I'd make it clear, I'd draw the fucking line.


Unless he's a fucking huge muscle head.

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if he threw the ball to me, and there was a place he couldn't get to it, like say off a building......i'd grab the ball and throw it there.


Classic Biff move.

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