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The Official 2021 NFL Thread. Keep all American football discussion here. (pin please)

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Yes! Yess!! Put it in my veins!!

Imagine being in the NFC West and not being 2-0 

This has been the most incredible weekend OF NFL football in my life.

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44 minutes ago, jehurey said:

Probably because almost nobody would be stupid enough to bring this up.


Except you, of course.:mjgrin:

I wouldn’t bring it up either if I thought the 49ers were winning the SB in the preseason :hehe:

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42 minutes ago, ghostz said:

Just gained some respect for you for once. 

anyway, just Trolling in good fun. Steelers suck balls and have been hit hard by injuries too.

It's crazy how many injuries there have been all over.  

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Niners still only a half game back of the Vikings for the 3rd wild card. Very important divisional matchups the next two weeks. Another very injury plagued season though. Also, Deebo Samuel seems to be like 60% of the team’s offense at this point. 

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9 hours ago, jehurey said:

I was at a bar tonight as I saw the final few minutes of the football game.


It quietly dawned on me as i was looking over at the tv........."oh, looks like ghost was wrong again" then I went back to drinking.:mjgrin:

It was a good ride :banderoos:

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