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Just now, jehurey said:

yes it is.


sweetie, its in your own video.


so unless you can show me the official Steam page listing for Super Mario Bros 1, 2, 3 and Super Mario World.............you merely took ROMS and combined them in your steam library.

Gave them boxarts and everything.

I have 863 games bought on Steam... I have over 1000 games in my library..  Those games are added..


That doesn't change the fact that I have 863 games bought on Steam you dumbass :mj: 


There's a reason why you're focusing on the ROM games.. to divert attention from the fact that I actually play games and you don't :kaz: 





Look at that shit :rofl: 

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Saw this on twitter... lmfao.. it's a massacre   FH5   Gran Turismo 7       And jerry thinks GT7 is the "next gen one"      

FH 5 looks a full generation better. 

Yup! I was obsessed with 3! It was the first game where I was like, “ok, this can’t be done on Dreamcast.” Onimusha owned, but it wasn’t a technical marvel like GT3

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3 minutes ago, Remij said:

I have 863 games bought on Steam...



you have a padded list of roms in your steam library


and we both know you don't play roms.


you probably spend more time curating and importing boxart images for ROMS in your steam library than actually playing games.


and then add in the fact that you don't play Playstation games since 2014.


And Nintendo games for most of the past decade.


No wonder you spend most of your time on here bitter.

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