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Destroy All Human's 2 Reprobed trailer leaked... confirming the game's existence (was leaked on Nvidia's GeforceNow game list)

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Does Sony make and/or publish Destroy All Humans by any chance?




So what does the confirmation of a game from an entirely different publisher (THQ nordic) verify anything by another publisher?


And also..............THQ nordic already teased Destroy All Humans 2 coming, months ago.





It looks like THQ Nordic is teasing a Destroy All Humans! 2 remaster

Suspicious alien sighted in new promo video.

News by Matt Wales, Reporter
Updated on 24 February 2021

THQ Nordic's Destroy All Humans! remake is currently 50% off on Steam, which, in itself, is only mildly worthy of note. However, a newly released trailer promoting the mid-week discount is considerably more interesting, seemingly teasing the imminent arrival - or at least imminent announcement - of a remaster for Destroy All Humans! 2.


Shift your attention toward the trailer below and skip to the 1 minute 15 mark, and you'll see a peculiar thing. As the promo winds down, the camera suddenly lurches to the right, revealing that a second Crypto's been loitering nearby all along. "Are you done yet, 137?", the clone asks, before the original replies, "Wait your turn, little tadpole, I'm only getting started".


The most notable thing about this whole exchange, however, isn't the dialogue, but the outfit Crypto #2 is wearing - it's the same one Crypto (or more accurately, his clone, Cryptosporidium-138) wore in Pandemic Studios' 2006 sequel Destroy All Humans! 2.


he not unreasonable conclusion to draw from all this would be that THQ Nordic is poised to announce a Destroy All Humans! 2 remaster done in a similar vein to last year's impressive spruce-up of the first instalment - which, courtesy of developer Black Forest Games, plopped a whole heap of visual bells and whistles onto the cult-classic 2005 PS2 and Xbox original.


And if you're still not convinced, IGN has a statement from Destroy All Humans! senior producer Martin Kreuch, who writes, "We can't explain it to ourselves who that other Furon clone is either. We've contacted all intelligence agencies we know and asked for support - Majestic, the KGB, that guy in a tinfoil hat outside our office screaming at a phone box every day...".


"We think we are onto something though," Kreuch concludes, "and may have more intel to share soon!".


So once again........he tried to find any scrap of evidence to try and prove something else entirely. And it didn't work.

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