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48 minutes ago, jehurey said:

One that has better display technology and features than any gaming monitor on the market.


Go take a look at PC building subreddits, many of them have better setups than yours, and they are rocking an OLED.


I mean, its funny how you just blew your own credibility.


That's like you wanting to buy yourself a Bugatti..............and decide to put tires meant for a Mustang on it.


After all the processing power, the final link in the chain is the quality of the pixel in which it delivers the image to your eye.


And you've decided to choose LESSER technology than the best that is available.


You either want the best...........or you don't.

Few people have a better setup than mine, if anything most anyone in the enthusiast arena is fairly level. Your post makes little sense.


Let's see, a display which gets burn in on a platform which has many static elements, sounds awesome. Lower refresh rate, higher input lag, inferior aspect ratio, incapable of VRR at high refresh rate and a higher minimum threshold.


TV's are improving in many regards but they're inferior where it counts.

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Just now, DynamiteCop said:

Few people have a better setup than mine,

No plenty of people who have a 3090 do.


Hell, people with overclocked 3080's probably have a better setup than you. LOL


No, burn in is not a problem on these tvs.


No, OLED have response times that are down to 6.7ms, and the great part is that it doesn't have to disable functions like full-array local dimming like current IPS displays have to.


The OLED is providing the same high level of picture quality and contrast while delivering very fast response times.


People with IPS monitors actually have to degrade their picture quality even more to get their response time so low.


So you really are uninformed about the issue, apparently.


OLED are simply better in many ways. 

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1 hour ago, DynamiteCop said:

What self respecting PC uses a TV as a primary display lmao...



And even worse are the ones who still have ancient 16:10 1200p displays :tom: 

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4 minutes ago, Remij said:



And even worse are the ones who still have ancient 16:10 1200p displays :tom: 

No, people who actually want to game at actual 4K resolutions have an OLED.


You wouldn't know anything about that.


LOL, I even pointed out how him running to my old monitor from the very beginning was a proven sign of butthurt.............and he just did it again.:hest:

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