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When was the last time you bought a physical copy of an album or movie?

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1 hour ago, -GD-X said:

1917 was so good! i bet that looks amazing on your tv.


Yeah it was awesome :whew:Didn't compare to watching it in Dolby's version of imax at the theater tho, which is the case for many of these types of movies.

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I got a few 4K blu-rays, especially after I got my PS5 and had the AV Receiver setup. Predator and Superman in 4K.


I am waiting for a black friday sale in which Zack Snyder's Justice League 4K blu-ray should be on sale.


Probably want to get Sicario and Blade  Runner 2049 on 4K blu-ray.


And I have plenty of vinyl, I've actually slowed down on buying vinyl within the past year, only a few pieces, some things that are made available on Record Store Day.

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i bought the 25th OK computer anniversary album and then it was stolen out of my truck a week later. so that was a few years ago. 

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18 hours ago, ghostz said:

It’s been over 15 years for me. The last album I bought a physical copy of was Encore by Eminem in 2004. The last movie? Shit probably before that. 

Maybe 4-5 years ago.


and I'd say the only reason it's been that long because there have not been anything good movie/music wise for me in the last 5 years that warrant me to want it so bad that I must have a physical copy to feel closer/ownership to do whatever I want with the brand's product.


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