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launch aligned the Xbox Series trails the Xbone by 2 million units, PS5 on pace with PS4

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Just now, Cell said:

This reads like a letter to Santa. 


No it reads like a business strategy. Microsoft has decided to build something from ground up this gen and it's gonna take some time but if you don't think content is coming you're not paying attention.



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Aside from Ratchet, and the upcoming FH5, I have been pretty underwhelmed by “next gen” visuals. I think sales number will be more interesting once the system shortages end and we get more games that

I think Plague Tale 2 is going to surprise us next year. Its one of the few announced games that isn't cross gen, and the first one still looks great. Im really not sure what else isn't cross gen that

Yeah, that looks incredible! 

12 minutes ago, Vini said:


Endgame is Microsoft makes a fuckton of money on gamepass and starts churning out great exclusives non stop that you no longer have to shell out $70 a pop for.


Endgame is drowning Sony in an avalanche of quality content in the second half of this gen. 


Firstly I won’t be paying Microscum anything, secondly even if I was interested….I play xbox games on a PS5 without needing an xbox……and somehow tchbo?


Seems to me more like the lemmings have been raped :smugd: ms going third party

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4 hours ago, Vini said:


So what if they did. It wouldn't put a dent on their subscription income. 


Microsoft is now making half a billion dollars a month on gamepass. Who cares about hardware.  


GamePass is currently a loss leader for MS.  They're losing tons of money on gamepass dumbass. 

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1 hour ago, Vini said:

Who said anything about getting gamepass on PS5? You think we're letting you play our Bethesda games on that router? Fuck outta here lmao

You’ve just been arguing that Microsoft doesn’t care about selling xbox’s, doesn’t give a fuck what hardware people use the service on, they just want to increase subscribers.


Now you’re going back to acting like this is about pushing xbox hardware (and Gamepass is failing)


You’re legit retarded. Lemmings can’t salvage this shit so you, dynaflop and spicoli are tripping over yourselves in your damage control

The xbox brand is dead and its no loss to gaming at all. Good riddance to shit.

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