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A major Q-Anon event happened in Dallas today. Majorly stupid.

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So, beginning since last night, people began lining up in the area where JFK was shot back in 1963, Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas.


Because, apparently the QAnon people believe that:


1.) JFK never actually died on that day.

2.) Some of them actually believe he is still alive.

3.) His son, JFK Jr., never actually died in that plane crash in 1999, he faked his death.

4.) JFK Jr. is actually "Q", and he is in position to know all of these "secrets" going on in Washington


So, these Q-idiots apparently believed that JFK Jr., and even JFK himself, were going to appear out of nowhere to show themselves at the spot JFK died in Dealey Plaza...........to announce that JFK Jr. is going to become Trump's running mate and also declare that Trump is the real President.


Everything I have just typed is exactly what they believe.


So here are the photos from today:















Those are not old photos, those photos were taken today, November 2, 2021, in Dallas.


They were expecting the reveal to occur at the same exact minute as when JFK got assassinated. And then they waited more........and then it began raining, and the crowd began dispersing.





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On 2021-11-15 at 11:24 AM, Mr. Impossible said:

I just can't with politics any more. Like it's not even democratic vs republican policies anymore as idiots being rewarded for being stupid. 

The two party system is broken.  Therr needs to be many more parties.  Also no more lobbying.  It's absurd that it's legal to buy politicians. 

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3 hours ago, lostfool said:

The two party system is broken.  Therr needs to be many more parties.  Also no more lobbying.  It's absurd that it's legal to buy politicians. 

More parties would bring more problems though. Right now a winning candidate not taking the EC into account usually gets a little over half of all votes. If you add additional parties the electorate gets split down and you wind up with people winning with 30 percentile votes more likely. I'm definitely for ending lobbying, officials with private businesses overseeing decisions that affect their industry, or immediately working in the private sector using their former position for favorable treatment. 

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