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Anyone got the Ninja Gaiden remaster trilogy?

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6 minutes ago, Ike said:

Who cares honestly? Sure it’s nice, but I think the time, energy, and resources could be used on making something new instead. 

They;re working on the new FF action game for PS5, and a new IP. So nah its fine.


You don't want NGS1-2 to be stuck on ancient PS3 hardware, plus with all Sony having BC in the future it's even better.

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Yeah it’s great. One of my favourite games of 2021, they don’t make them like this anymore. Also nice to see xtards crying about the Sigma versions :juggle:



I don’t think Alice is in need of a remaster the PC version looks pretty good in 4k. Microsoft need to stop being cunts though and instead of dumping all their garbage on PC like Forza, Halo and the like, port Rare Replay instead. 

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i was going through all the games but stopped halfway through 2. i put about 20 hours into NGS1.


NG1 still holds up and is a timeless masterpiece.


NG2... yeah, its a good game, but damn if it isn't casualized to hell. the super moves are game breaking, combined with the easier difficulty of the sigma version, it starts to feel like dynasty warriors at times. the level design is also no where near as good. this game was and still is really disappointing


NG3, god damn is it atrocious. played it for half an hour and gave up, it's still every bit as bad, razor's edge or not. the first level is so frustrating and atrocious, and now the game is chock full of QTEs, so it feels nothing like the first 2 games. This game is basically a dynasty warriors game.


Honestly, it made me upset to play. each game got worse and worse. NG1 was the pinnacle



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all garbo games and forgotten for a reason lol. but at least it shows bodyodors true colours, hes a lemshite 100% just tryna catch the easy train out. 


you are pathetic bodyodor. xbox fgt, go away, leave us alone with your foul play

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