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It will cost $1035 to unlock everything in Halo Infinite and it’s impossible to do without battle pass Or microtransactions

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1 hour ago, Twinblade said:



Now we know why they went F2P. This is probably a desperate attempt by them to recoup some of the money they spent all these years on building the entire game.


Halo 5 had a $60 entry fee and you could earn all of its cosmetic items by just playing.

Halo 5 was littered with micro transactions wasnt it?

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is it gameplay relevant? then it sucks if you cannot unlock it by simply playing the game.... microtransactions can be a blessing and a proper business model unless they affect the gameplay

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2 hours ago, Goukosan said:


The game you Stan will be fixed even though it's in a worse state that the other two :umad:

Despite being one of the worst reviewed games on steam it’s also among of them the most played, interesting how that works out. And plenty of more people are also waiting to jump in once it’s fixed up. The game will age better than CoD and Halo, which have many fundamental problems that people are already fed up with and won’t be fixed anytime soon.

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