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PS5 wins Best Gaming Hardware at the Golden Joystick Awards

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4 minutes ago, -GD-X said:

Aside from Ratchet, what game utilized it? 

Bloodborne and Returnal make excellent use of the SSD for the quick loads which is crucial since you die a lot in those games. Also most multiplats and games like Astro’s Playroom make good use of the Dualsense which adds and extra layer of immersion to games. Even mediocre games like Marvel Avengers feel a lot better to play with the Dualsense features. Shooters also feel nicer with the PS5 controller than they do with other controllers thanks to haptic feedback and adaptive triggers which also increase immersion.

Little details like this push it above the Series L which isn’t even trying to do anything new other than stack a bigger GPU and SSD. MS got lazy with the Series L design and with the Series S they just said “fuck it” and released a POS :qbad:

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4 hours ago, -GD-X said:

Aside from Ratchet, what game utilized it? 

Just about every first party game from PlayStation Studios. From third parties is mostly compression which is why you'll find downloaded games to be gigs smaller than the other competitive platforms. With that said it's starting to make sense why Sony went with the 825GB SSD instead of a 1TB. Save where you can. It's been a slow start to the generation and we won't see what difference it'll make for some time, at least from a first party perspective. 3rd parties have to work from the bottom up.

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