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So.. ResetEra had a poll on the holiday’s best FPS

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PC gamer put up a good article on the game's reception




This part is really accurate



The whole experience has been a reminder that it's all right to enjoy a game and continue playing it while being aware of its flaws. This habit of publicly swearing off games that has sprung up from the "dead game" rhetoric is poisonous to the hobby and it spreads quickly. Everyone has a right to be unhappy, but watching the response to Battlefield 2042 this year reinforced that we're increasingly gaming in a time where, for some, the social media-trained desire to feel aggrieved and victimized by your entertainment for some people outweighs the experience of playing the game itself.


I think the rise of reddit has really fueled the hate campaigns against a lot of recent games. People see other people repeatedly shitting on a game and feel compelled to jump in even if it doesn't reflect their real world experience with the game.

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