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Digital Foundry's list and winner for Best Graphics of 2021

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1 minute ago, Mr. Impossible said:

You say she isn't real like that doesn't make your constant whining about how unattractive you find her and the constant remarking about her sexual preference. 

Go whine somewhere else 

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7 hours ago, Cooke said:

god damn everytime i see that returnal face i want to returnal to the toilet and puke


5 hours ago, Cooke said:

You think she's hot don't you? You have mommy issues don't you? 


5 hours ago, Cooke said:

She's probably fuck you with her testosterone engorged clitoris


2 hours ago, Cooke said:

She's repulsival. It's like they wanted to make the most stereotypical lesbian by combining Rapinoe and DeGeneres in some butch mutant. 


19 minutes ago, Cooke said:

Shes not even real. You don't need to be offended for her. It's just an unappealing ugly as fuck design for a protagonist. 


What a shit tier poster, so much so that he invalidates his entire position by the last post :sabu:

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