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John Madden passes away at age 85

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John Madden, football legend, dies at 85

Posted by Michael David Smith on December 28, 2021, 7:16 PM EST
2006 NFL Pro Football Hall Of Fame Enshrinement - August 5, 2006

John Madden, a legendary figure known to one generation as a Hall of Fame coach, another generation as the sport’s greatest announcer, and yet another generation for the video game that bears his name, has died at the age of 85.


The NFL announced Madden’s passing today.


Madden’s influence on the sport of football is impossible to overstate. He was the youngest head coach in pro football when Al Davis hired him to coach the Oakland Raiders, and he led them to a Super Bowl title while having so much success that he still has the all-time highest winning percentage among all coaches who won at least 100 games.


But as great a coach as he was, he did more for the sport after he retired for coaching. In the broadcasting booth, Madden became a sensation, not just the best broadcaster in football but one of the most popular figures in America, as famous as any movie star but as down-to-earth as any guy you’d talk about sports with at the barbershop. Everyone loved him.


And then Madden had his video game, which he didn’t just lend his name to but took an active role in developing, always insisting that it needed to be as realistic as possible. The youngest generation of football fans that can’t even remember him as a broadcaster, let alone as a coach, is still influenced by Madden’s giant presence in the sport.


Even in the final years of his life, Madden had an important role in the NFL, advising the league and advocating for rule changes that would protect players from brain injuries.


John Madden may have been the single most influential person in the history of the sport of football.


The first sports and video game legend.

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This is the baddest-ass Madden intro, solely because it combined it with the NFL on Fox music.



Also, I recently found the NBA Live intro that was insanely badass back in the day. Even thought NBA Live mostly became famous on PS1, this intro was from the SNES version.



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They were replaying the All Madden documentary on Fox right now.


And they had a segment on the video game, and they had Michael Vick talking about it, and they had him with their game boxart, him and Tom Brady, and Brett Favre, and Patrick Mahomes.


It was very touching.


EA better have one absolutely fantastic version of Madden ready, with the most amazing epic intro tribute to him this August.

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