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The duckduckgo mobile browser

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Started using it yesterday. It's pretty much identical to chrome in terms of layout.  But is completely private, blocks all sorts of garbage. Tells you everytime a site is trying to track you and it blocks it. Try it out 👍

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If you want Chrome but private and ad blocking go with Brave. It has some crypto features but you can disable all them.


DDG is good for tracker blocking but it's not designed for ad blocking. It's more of a temporary/disposable browser lile Firefox focus.


I assume you're on Android? Because if you're on IOS then you might as well disregard all that necauae you're getting Safari no matter what browser you choose :kaz:


Also looking forward to seeing what DDG does with their upcoming desktop btowser.

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9 hours ago, z,warrior said:

Im not paranoid about being followed. Nobody is after you Cooke!

Its not some extreme security product to block stalkers or the NSA lol its to block advertising trackers, and big tech lile Google and Facebook trackers and yes, they actually are after you whether you acknowledge it or not.

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8 hours ago, Mr. Impossible said:

I feel like this is the third time you've made this post. 

You must be having dreams about me. 

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48 minutes ago, Mr. Impossible said:

No, not really. Guess you're wrong. Again. 



Nope. This is the first thread I've made on the duck browser. That was about opera. 

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