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Netflix increasing their subscription prices again

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To $15.50 for the standard plan and $20 for the 4K one :| I don't understand how they can continue to do this given how much more competition they have nowadays, and with more new streaming services constantly popping up its only going to be tougher for the average person to watch what they want to watch without feeling like they're wasting a bunch of money every month.

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They’re stock just tanked today and their original programming is becoming more misses than hits lately. I’m glad I password share the Netflix account. I’m cancelling Prime after this year. I only sub to HBO Max and Disney+. The whole nice thing about streaming was convenience. Pirating is becoming the obvious choice. 

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I don't pay for any streaming services, my GF pays for Netflix but I rarely ever use it anyway. I watched a few old classics on it and that's about it.


If I really want to watch something I'll find it on the internet like I'm doing now with Book of Boba Fett. It's not as if Disney is hurting for cash. Fuck them.

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This is the future lemmings want :hest: Where your gaming library is held ransom behind a monthly payment.


Don't like the prices changes? Ok you're free to leave, but you walk away with nothing.


Greedy corporations love schmuks like this.

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