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Wagner Group- Russia's Blackwater, infested with Neo-Nazis

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Dimitry Utkin(pictured below)







Almost immediately after returning to Russia, Utkin reportedly created his own mercenary group. Utkin, who reportedly has a passion for the history of the Third Reich,[13] had the call-sign Wagner, presumably in honour of Richard Wagner, Adolf Hitler's favourite composer.[12] Utkin and his "Wagner Group", as well as several veterans of the Slavonic Corps were seen both in Crimea in February 2014 and then in Donbas, where they fought for the pro-Russian separatists during the Russo-Ukrainian War.[14] Gazeta.ru reports that Utkin and his men could have been involved in the killing of several field commanders of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic.





Neo-Nazi Russian Attack Unit Hints It’s Going Back Into Ukraine Undercover


One of the most feared and radical Russian paramilitary groups may have slipped up on social media and revealed its plans to return undercover to Ukraine, where it was accused of committing war crimes during a previous incursion.

Task Force Rusich, a Russian mercenary unit which glories in its neo-Nazi reputation, became known for its brutality when it was first deployed to the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine during peak fighting between Russian separatist forces and the Ukrainian military in the summer of 2014.




Russian neo-Nazis in the ranks of Wagner PMC









So Putin is trying to de-Nazify Ukraine? LOL

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