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Well, I finally got a PS5

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If you are so unhappy with it, I will gladly take it

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He's already had one since around launch.


Its not the first time he's actually been caught being a complete fakeboy.


His posts from 2010 are him bashing PC and saying its completely useless platform, and he was a Playstation-only gamer.


And when I showed him his old posts, he said that was all an act, and that he actually DID have a gaming PC and was playing PC games back then.


Gee, he now appears to be doing the same exact routine, but with the platforms switched.

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3 hours ago, Voidler said:

Now he can play a version of Elden Ring that isn't a stuttering broken mess like PosC

Yeah, the PS5 version and it's glorious framerate drops going from 60 to in the 40s. Truly a flawless experience.

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Lemmings are unable to comprehend that people buy a games console to.....play games :drake:


I know with xbox its different, you buy them to support Microsoft and do so knowing full well you won't be getting any games for the device.

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