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Rumor: Multiple sources saying Sony is buying Square Enix

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On 2022-05-07 at 6:19 PM, Ramza said:

Lol I love how you don't understand what I mean by a 40 players raid not being the same while posting a video of a 40 players raid. ROFL :poop: 


Get that fucking trash out of my face. The best thing FFXIV has going on for it are borrowed from superior games. lmao


I didn't post that to show of the raid, but the song, I thought you at least might like that. It's two separate things, the MMO part and the story part which you clearly don't understand. :ben:


And I was only trying to point out that the MMO stories are actually really good, that's all. It's just a shame that you guys will never experience the godliness of it because it's wrapped in minimal MMO gameplay. I understand you guys hate that, it's ok. You miss out on one of the best written villain ever. Don't be so mean, ramza or upset, I was not trying to convert you like I mentioned many times, just explain how it is. :-*

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Agreed   MS has killed gaming 

This would be pretty big for Sony, having most of SE's games exclusive like back in the PS/PS2 days.

They're still good, the FF7 remake is proof of that 

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