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The top 3 superhero movies are as follows

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2 minutes ago, bhytre said:

lol Americans and their spandex-wearing super heroes

Well the first 2 I chose don't even have spandex or costumes really 

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12 hours ago, lostfool said:

In no particular order

Black panther (Cooke is racist)

Thor Ragnarok

The Batman.




I liked all three of these but felt each is a bit overrated. 


In no order I'll have to go with 


The Dark Knight 

The Winter Soldier 

Infinity War/Endgame 


I'll give some notable mentions to X2, Blade 2, and the first Guardians. 

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But honestly, the true best superhero movies?


Superman (1978)

Spiderman 2, it really has aged damn good

Batman Begins. And that's just purely because it was made first before The Batman. I was almost going to say that it was a toss-up between 1989 Batman, BB, and The Batman.

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